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Posted by Plebs - July 30th, 2016


So I released a new cartoon. Which was an homage to a couple of guys sitting infront of a microphone every other week who took it upon themselves to entertain some people. I listened to the podcasts quite often, so I decided to return a favour and animate one.

Now, a day or two later, this cartoon has received a hefty amount of attention. Mainly on twitter thanks to Sleepycabin members, @TomFulp, Newgrounds and other artists. Over 50k impressions during 24 hours of time. I got to see how things worked on the other side of the spectrum. However relatively to the fact that the attention has been great, it has been pretty short-lived and the long term results will be far less impressive. That's too bad, because I had hoped for that little extra, to push forward an idea I have worked out which will only start when certain criteria are met. This doesn't mean that it won't happen, just that it will take longer for me to start it.

Pretty vague I know, but at some point I'll dish out the details and redirect it to this post. I was really excited to get it started, but alas not yet.

Now at last, but not least. I created both a twitter page and youtube channel. Usually I'm not too eager about this type of promotion, but I'm doing so because I have slightly different intentions for all of them. These will all be beneficial for you, if you really don't want to miss out.

On twitter I might do little goofy extra's on top of the newly released stuff, some thoughts on the proces and maybe little things about myself. Don't worry, I won't clog your feed. It won't be that regular, which is exactly how I like it.

On youtube I will post anything and everything. It's strictly animation as of now, but I will offer different material at some point. It's all still centered around art and animation. Also the less lengthier animations will only be posted on youtube, which is anything less than 30 seconds of length.

If you managed to read through this bulk I'd like to thank you and hope you'll stick around.

Comments (1)

Really cool cartoon, looking forward to see more from you. I guess it's time consuming to get that results, but I say that it's worth it. Don't worry about the numbers, just keep making good cartoons and that numbers will grow exponentially.

And that banner is awesome. Not just because I'm a sucker for that retro-ish designs :)

It takes way to long sometimes to do this stuff. I love doing it though. So yeah, even if the numbers aren't quite what I expected them to be I'm still never going to stop.

Thanks. Always nice when you drop by dude.