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The quality is superb and the story was very engaging so far. I think it's hard for people to care for characters they never seen before, but you and the people working on this made it come true. And hopefully the future changes are for the better, good luck!

When an april fools joke cartoon is more impressive than the average animators' normal cartoon.

R.I.P. Beast's Fury

The animation and backgrounds looked promising and yet it ended up like it did.

deathink responds:

There was a lot of talented people on the project.

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I remember first seeing this on the game awards. Though my attention went to the big releases, this did manage to stick with me. Not long after that I rediscovered the ties with NG and your previous games I once played but had fotgotten.

I must say it's absolutely looking beautiful visually and I can appreciate the silly humor. I sense a real messed up undertone from all the creepy remarks the antagonist is making. This first chapter feels very short, but It looks promising nonetheless so I will definitely check out the full game.

I was surprisedat how easily i got into this. Started playing and before i knew i got the demo memo at the end.

I needed alot of time to get used to the controls. I feel like using the 'wasd' keys to move and jump would be way more practical. Just switching the functions of the jumping key and looting key would solve it. I am able to differentiate the use of the wasd keys depending of the game. Like a first person shooter the 'w' key will most likely be walking forward and 'space' key will indeed be jumping. With platformer type games however movement (in any direction) is nearly always done using the 'wasd' keys.

The art did fit the concept and overall atmosphere very well. However it felt like i was was playing as some kind of gerbil, and not so much as a dragon. Combat wise there is something about the sword attack that feels off. As far as i can notice the hit area of the sword is fine. Maybe something with timing, if the sword slashes faster (less screen time). Can't put my finger on it.

Hope that it was at least somewhat useful. I really like to see how it turns out.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, every bit counts as we're in a collection phase.

So many people on Newgrounds have mentioned they wanted to rebind keys or didn't like the layout. I'm going to look into doing this in the menu. Although I can't make any promises it will make it in depending on other content and time limitations.

Combat is currently being revised. Coal is actually a crippled dragon so he does look a bit different than what you would think. At the same time his graphics / animations will probably need multiple passes before we finalize him.

This is actually really addictive. I'd like to do suggestions, but i'm afraid it will take away instead of adding value to the game. I'm having to much fun playing it like it is now. As you mentioned in the discription it's a simple game. I think keep it that way.

Maybe you could add passive extra's. Like for instance a bar that fills up after dealing a certain amount of blows. After which you automatically go rage mode for 10 seconds dealing twice the damage you do normally or something. That way you won't make it complicated.

I like the simplicity.

SnoutUp responds:

Oh, I can understand that - I still have pages of ideas, but adding something new is getting riskier and riskier. That being said, pogo-wolves were suggested by a player and thus breaking weapons to parts, special weapon moves and projectile reflecting were added and now it's my favorite enemy to take advantage of.

Combo bar is one of the ideas lurking in before-mentioned pages! My vision of it would be random over-the-top specials like machine gun (also suggested by another player) appearing in the character's hooves and enemies spawning faster while it's active just to become bullet sponges. Or an unbreakable sword, which makes enemies explode. Double-damage rage would be pretty sweet too. As well as having a ton of different "rage modes" to unlock after x kills. I'll probably start working on this next week and see how it changes the game.

And thank you!

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Adam mentioned so many things I'm familiar with, like working throughout the entire day as opposed to working for a set time. Being so indulged in your own workproces, that you hardly see the work of others anymore. Which is bad, great ideas often come from allowing yourself to get inspired by others.

This has been eye opening and simply amazing.

rubberonion responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting, hope to see you in the comments section more often now (=

Just want to mention that i think you are a fucking talented dude. Sincerely. Keep up the great channel i watch it regularly when i need some more feedback on other people's approaches.

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In all of my life I've never once seen a piece of art, that I have considered using as some sort of backround. Yet, it's the first thing I thought of when seeing this piece. Mainly because it's extremely minimalistic while still showing great characteristics. You balanced it out perfectly by adding that little bit of red next to the neutral, and sometimes boring, black and white. It's exactly as it should.

DocLew responds:

Thanks a lot, really glad to read it. :)

Still in awe over what you can achieve with such subtle use of gradients.

You keep pushing boundaries, this is just putting other people's work to shame.. Never stop!

My boat, sails with the motion, of the ocean.

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