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STARBARIANS - Episode 3 (April Fools) STARBARIANS - Episode 3 (April Fools)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

When an april fools joke cartoon is more impressive than the average animators' normal cartoon.

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Motion Portrait: Orient Motion Portrait: Orient

Rated 5 / 5 stars

R.I.P. Beast's Fury

The animation and backgrounds looked promising and yet it ended up like it did.

deathink responds:

There was a lot of talented people on the project.

TD-Kids and Money TD-Kids and Money

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Common it isn't that bad. I'm in college and work on the side to pay my bills plus I animate in my free time.

Everything is going just fin... hold on a sec I getiing a phone call. Yes, hello? WHAT? I'm fired, but how am supposed to pay my bills now? Car accident, no insurance damn, I need a job fast. A test, when did we have that test, I didn't study! Deadline for a bookreport two days from now?! When did..

Yep, everything is going just fine.

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A Prank Time A Prank Time

Rated 5 / 5 stars

No way. No way in hell, that this could have been animated by a single hand within less than 5 years. Any normal animator learns to do characters rotations, you learned to do character inversions.

I'm going to make your biggest fear come true and watch this frame for frame, it would be an insult not to.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wait you did this in flash?

This looks choppy, rough and visibly unfleshed out at times, but goddamn I love this. While I feel like this sits in a stage between animatic and animation, you can still get a good sense of motion. The character designs look swell and several actions are well executed.

I particularity like the part where she tries the lift up the thing, but she loses grip several times and leans back to counteract it's weight. You created a good sense of gravity and illusion of weight, good keyframing and positioning.

Keep it up!

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JayBezzy responds:

Yes this was all done in flash, that makes me insane right haha X^D. Flash gave me an incredible amount of trouble due to it begin super buggy and due to that i couldn't finish some cuts because it would keep deleting my keyframes and what not.

But im really glad you like it it took hella long to make, and it makes me feel good that even though its super rough that i still achieved what i set out to do. So i definitely will keep it up and expect more from me !

Luis Birthday Blast Luis Birthday Blast

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm really impressed. They all look really pretty, almost as pretty as the real Luis. But enough about Luis, let's talk more about Luis. Happy birthday Luis.

(inbefore Luis)

Fefnir - Pilot Fefnir - Pilot

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I feel conflicted about this. Visually everything is done really well, when i pay attention to the composition of the shots and the FX it's all there.

However something doesn't feel quite right. There seems to be very little about this that compels me to keep track of what is to follow. It's because the writing is still the heart of everything, the visuals are only a means to an end. I feel like the story doesn't do anything for me. The voice acting also isn't on par with the quality of the visuals.

This is really tough, because even if you decided to revise things story wise it's almost not possible. The story has already started and is now set in stone. While if the animation was bad that could have been resolved easily.

FrameFreak2D responds:

Yes Plebs, we did a lot of mistakes with this D: but definitely looking to make it again and this time use everything we've learned, and we're so happy to have joined this community, we're learning so much from the feedback everybody is giving and we didn't had that before, thanks a lot for your time and your advice :D

Piccolo: Attorney at Law Piccolo: Attorney at Law

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love how now after all of piccolo's efforts to become a lawman, he now is a fugitive. Ruining his career forever and goku after going through a traumatic experience continues his office job like nothing ever happened.

The Crisis (Animated poem) The Crisis (Animated poem)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I must say you were pretty quickly done with the actual subject. Maybe you also could have worded it differently. 'Your life you find so special, doesn't matter at all'. Sentences like these that will give your class mates a good reason to distance themselves from you.

While it's very true that people are mostly obsessed with what's going on in their own life and in all honesty we don't care much for the lifes of others when they are not a part of ours. It is important, to create value. Not only for yourself, but also for the people around you. By being kind and humble.

Art and animation wise you could definitely improve. However i think in this case it was probably just a way to visualize your story/poem. If you are serious about it, don't give up on it.

My advice. Look at the world through honest eyes. However be aware, being in that state of mind all the time can give you a bitter outlook on life. If you would have worded the poem in a more positive way, the message would have been much more powerfull.

doodlebotART responds:

Thank you for your advice!^_^

The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero" The Reward: Tales of Alethrion - "The First Hero"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

In one word: Spectacular. You guys animate paper like it's liquid.

Keep it going.

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